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The sections below share educational resources offered by Litterati to bring an interactive, technology based solution that teaches children about how to use data to create real change in the environment.

Lesson Plans By Length:

For World Cleanup Day 2020, TED-Ed has created a single page dedicated to actionable environmental education.

These resources are designed to help any school, classroom, home schooling curriculum, or self directed learner to be able to take powerful actions that make a difference as a core part of the education activities.

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One Day Lesson Plans

Fast Food

Discover how much litter gets created by the fast food packaging that people buy each day in your local town.

Challenges students to come up with solutions for reducing waste created by packaging from popular fast food restaurants.


What Is Litter?

Use Litterati to clean an area of the local community.

After the cleanup, use the app's tagging function to help students learn the different categories of litter & the difference between litter vs. waste.

Returnable Litter's Impact

Does your town, state, or country incentivize returning certain types of litter?

Use this lesson plan to have students discover the impact these incentives can have on the overall litter in the community.


A core function of the Litterati app is creating, sharing, & participating in Challenges.

Bring Challenges into your classroom(s) and encourage environmentally friendly competition amongst students, grade levels, families, or entire schools!

Creative Writing

Every piece of litter has a story. It was manufactured, shipped, stocked, sold, & consumed in some way before it ended up on the ground.

Let students combine data with creativity to tell the story of local litter they found & cleaned up.


We often default to think of litter simply as trash....but we don't think about how much of the litter we see could be recycled.

In this lesson, students will analyze how much of the litter they see can be recycled.

One Week Lesson Plans

How Litter Returns

Litter doesn't just appear. It comes from somewhere.

Use this lesson plan to help students come up with & test hypotheses for where local litter is really coming from.


Recycling At Home

Many things thrown away in our homes & in our neighborhoods could actually be recycled.

What would the environmental impact be if we recycled everything that we could?

The Home Work

How does litter differ between the different neighborhoods your students live in?

In this lesson, students will discover how their neighborhood compares to other local neighborhoods for the amount & types of litter that exists in them.

Full Unit Lesson Plans
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Full Year Lesson Plans
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